About us

Have you ever brought home a “tough” toy for your dog only to have him tear it up in minutes? Yeah, it happened to us too. Plenty of times.

The MittsyTough brand was founded by a family of dog lovers who are trying to solve a problem. Mittsy is a great dog, but she is tough on toys. She has the ability to destroy an “indestructible” toy in minutes. After this happened multiple times, we embarked on a mission to find toys that she enjoyed but couldn’t destroy as quickly. Guess what? There aren’t many of them!

This is Mittsy, our awesome friendly Lab/hound mix

We have done some research and some testing, and have found some types of materials and construction which make a dog toy tough enough to last in our house. We hope you’ll try our products and report to us the results, with pictures! We want all dogs to be happy and able to play with toys that pass the MittsyTough test!